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    So what are we doing at Odd Family?

    Odd Family Stiwdio* is the place where Heidi and Emrys meet, melting all the things we love to work on together. We have a passion for print and colour all wrapped up in artful parcels of joy.

    *we have embraced the welsh language already

    We will be making new limited releases of Odd Family work throughout the year that will be made and printed in our new stiwdio. Expect artwork, screenprints, books and printed wearables that share our love to make and play. We’d love to tell you when we have something new on the way so please sign up to our irregular newsletter and follow our instagram

    Rest assured it will all make you smile, fill you with joy, be sustainable and make the day seem a little brighter. Check out our first project ’50 Rays of Light’ here.

    Heidi concentrates on original artwork, illustration, drawing and murals, while Emrys loves type, poetry and design. We have been making each other smile for the last twenty years and think it’s about time we worked together on something that makes us both happy.

    Where did Odd Family come from?

    Well, we’ve had a special couple of years, re-balancing life and working out what we really wanted to be doing with our creative time. Back in 2018 we made the decision to pack up our home and our studio in Margate, wave goodbye to wonderful friends and set off on a mini-world travel with our three children, the whole family on tour.

    Six months flew by, we roadschooled the kids, we saw amazing things that will stay with us all forever; volcanoes, glaciers, rainforests, coral reefs, we packed a lot in. We pressed reset on a life that had become a bit too confined, too same same, it’s easily done right? we wanted to do more of the things we love, more of the time, we wanted our energy and our empathy in full, we wanted to be in nature more and to nurture our family better.

    We didn’t find all the answers by a long shot, but we did connect, and importantly we changed our perspective and we came back with renewed sense of who we are.

    As artist/designers we have made artwork and designed sustainable clothing for the last decade whilst raising a young family and finding the balance has always been tricky. We wanted to find the sweet spot where we can give enough time to our children to do the things they love and they just want us around more. Odd Family is all of us, age 4 to 40, the whole family is in our work because we can’t separate them anymore, it doesn’t work like that for us.

    So the story continues: Within days of landing back in the UK we had moved to a campsite in West Wales to hunt for our future. We found a couple of fields to run around in with a breathtaking view of the coast and a set of rundown barns in the corner to call home. With the sea in front of us and the hills behind us had found our sweet spot. At the beginning of 2020 we started work building our new home with our own hands, so it will take time and love but we have made a start. The stiwdio is going up well and should be finished this winter, it’s exciting, exhausting and inspiring and best of all it makes our hearts full, we hope you enjoy following our journey.


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