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    To end this Odd year on a high note we are ready to bring some joy by making our first prints in the studio. Go check them out!

    ***Incase you didnt get our newsletter there is a bit of a read below on what has got us through the year, merry christmas everyone ***

    We’re ready to print, I mean, really nearly ready!
    In the next few days we will be pulling our first screen prints in the stiwdio If everything goes to plan. This is both very exciting for us and terrifying. The prints are available on our website now and we’ll work our socks off to get them out for Christmas delivery with a bit of printers inky fingered luck.
    There are many reasons why it’s taken us this long to get our print game on and maybe you’re thinking why bust a gut to do it now…….well we didn’t come this far just to come this far, It’s been a hell of a journey to get to this point this year.
    Making these prints is so vital to our being, it is the whole reason we have built this studio home with our own hands through mud and rain and pandemic and burning sun in the corner of a field in West Wales. Just being able to cap the year off with a first set of prints will make our years efforts all worthwhile. We know it’s been a tricky time for everyone, along with the rest of the creative community we have been restricted in how we make and share our work, so maybe we can finish the year on a high.
    It’s going to be a nervy few days, screen printing is notoriously difficult to set up, making each screen for each colour layer and finally printing crisp prints without getting ink everywhere. Fingers crossed the art gods are with us and we can look back on the year with some sense of contentment.
    so what else has been going on……
    Now for some build chat:
    You know at Christmas when you get those family update letters inside a card from really lovely friends you don’t see much, well this update is a bit like that. This year we have rolled up our sleeves and started to build ourselves somewhere to call home. Somewhere we can create work for years to come.
    For those of you who have seen our instagram feed you’ll know that we started the year staring at an empty field, no vehicle access, no water, no electricity.
    We’ve never built a house before so this is an epic project for us to take on, we have had to learn all aspects of the build as we go. We put the spade in the earth and made the new driveway in the really cold and wet months, having fun in the digger and dumper truck. We dug the foundations that immediately filled with water, we laid the concrete slab in the first week of lockdown, unsure if we could get any more materials or even if the world would keep turning, we’d made a start and were on our way. There were days when the pace of change was sooooo slowwwww and days when we could stand back and see we were making progress.
    As we emerged from spring with new energy, our collage artworks from ‘Fifty rays of light’ made their way into the world. The studio build started to take shape and we could see this dream growing with each frame we screwed together a little bit every day. Before long the second floor was in, the roof structure was built and we were staring at a house shape made of matchsticks.
    Completing the roof was something to celebrate, skidding around on slippery tin while hanging from a climbing harness was not our favourite job. Literally being tied to the building while watching the kids play without us also felt like the balance between work and play wasn’t quite right but sometimes it’s good to step back. Instead we watched the kids find a new confidence and independence to make mischief on their own. There’s lots more to say about finding this balance, it’s what Odd Family is all about.
    It’s amazing how quickly a Summer can pass, from shorts and t-shirt to raincoat, the Spring was bloody lovely and the Autumn has been wet. Still so much to do to get art ready, we don’t have running water in the building, that also means there is no shower or washing machine yet! We have a tap at the gate and it is a job high on the long, long list to get a tap working in the stiwdio. We’re kind of used to it now, we have wonderful neighbours who like to keep us clean, we couldn’t do this without their support.
    All this effort so we can finally get back to making artwork, we have had to be patient, we’re nearly there and we hope you’ve enjoyed following the progress.
    We’ll share more of this experience next year, there is so much to tell but for now here’s just a little bit of what we have learned so far:
    Do a little bit every day
    Accept help when its offered – ask for help when its needed
    Keep the dream alive – draw and write whenever you can
    Finish the job you’ve started
    Make the most of the weather
    Put the tools down and walk away – don’t kill the joy.
    Care for each other – we are all in this together
    Keep an eye out for news of our first prints
    Have a great Christmas
    Heidi, Emrys and the rest of the Family x

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